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Oct 3, 2022
 by Anonymous

You have no idea how relieved I am to find someone who can straighten the house properly, I am so happy! I wanted to let you know how appreciated you all are.

Sep 13, 2022
 by Anonymous

Amazing 👏

I'm so happy. ☺

I've got jobs done that have been waiting months/years! I'm happy for you to have a key and come weekly!

Chelmsford Customer
Sep 13, 2022
 by Chelmsford Customer

OMG wow! Thank you. My house looks incredible I'm so happy, thank you!

Sep 8, 2022
 by Colette

The house looked amazing today, thank you to the Hey Presto cleaning team for doing a great job!

The Trusted Business Community Association
Sep 8, 2022
 by The Trusted Business Community Association

Watching this business grow over the last few years has been an amazing story.

Award Winning members of the association they belong to for delivery of excellent service standards was just the beginning.

Kathrine Branton and all your team at Hey Presto Cleaners you offer an amazing service standard with customer satisfaction at the heart of everything you deliver!

Well done and keep moving forward.

May 6, 2022
 by Anonymous

The Hey Presto team did a great job as always!

Apr 17, 2022
 by Anonymous

Hey Presto Cleaners was a new cleaning subcontractor on site and showed a huge improvement from the last company we worked with.

Apr 7, 2022
 by Anonymous

A big thank you to the team for getting the cleaning sorted so quickly

Feb 23, 2022
 by Wendy

My house was in need of a deep clean as I just didn't have the time. I must say the girls did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend. Also loved their attention to detail i.e. toilet rolls folded and my bathroom towels neatly folded. The girls also sorted out a few of my kitchen cupboards which I didn't ask them to do but I thought that was such a lovely thing to do. I will be using hey Presto again in the future.

Feb 1, 2022
 by Ruth

Feel so over indulgent having a cleaner. But the place has never looked so good and it's so nice to come home to such a tidy and clean flat. Best decision I have made in a long time. Thank you again for being so nice and doing such a good job.

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